Best selfie sticks with bluetooth even a celeb would be jealous of

Long before ‘selfie’ became an actual word and before the selfie stick was invented, my world view of self portraits consisted of marvelling at renaissance artists or scoffing at models. Both of these groups of individuals were the only real professionals of the black artwork, so far as I understood. My contempt for the pouting models holding cameras at arm’s length out had not been something that kept me up.

Through technological progress in cameras, and moreover, the omnipresent smartphone, the spread of the self portrait started its steady march. I disregarded it as a teen pastime that will run its course. Even when the grownups began to take on it, I still stayed steadfast in my own scorn of the “artwork”.

Self Praise Is No Compliments

Then one day I attempted my first shot with a bluetooth remote shutter selfie stick. Try everything once, I’m fond of saying, so given that I Have attempted it, I will file it away under “not for me” and proceed with my life. Things did not quite work out that way, although that was the strategy. I’d become a bit selfie-obsessed about everything.

And then, as fast as it had arrived, the want to selfie (it is a verb also seemingly) was gone from my lifestyle. The carrot of having retweets and enjoys for all those smart selfies was replaced by the stick. I caught my first glance of it on a bright Sunday afternoon. Minding my own business by the lakeshore, I seen a young couple loving the mirror reflections of the glassy lake. They were active appreciating the serenity and tranquillity and shooting several snapshots.

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